RupeeCircle introduces yet another ease of business with BizzCasH’s Invoice Discounting

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Ever wondered; your business is running smoothly you are getting a good number of orders, then one fine day you get that big order and you get it delivered. Payment for the same will be released after three months. Now, what will you do with other orders or if you get another big order? You feel stuck!

But fret not! As it goes without saying, there is a solution to every problem. Invoice Discounting is the solution to your worries. But what is invoice discounting? Let’s check it out.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is a process wherein a business is helped by a finance company by raising funds based on the unpaid invoices of distributors. The finance company provides funds to the business, which gives them quick access to cash to help run the business smoothly. This whole process drives the economic growth of small businesses.

Advantages of Invoice funding

  • The Invoice discounting process helps make the cash flow smooth, which further leads to exploring other business opportunities and fulfilling customer demands.
  • It is a quick and easy process of getting loans, unlike other business loans.
  • The funds are provided based on company invoices and the recommendation of distributors, so there is no risk to the company’s assets.
  • The funds are available to both medium and small-sized enterprises that might have been denied finances by other financial institutions.
  • The invoice-discounting format helps reduce the gap between the potential earnings and actual earnings of retailers further driving the economic growth of the business.

So, who can help you grow your business with the invoice-discounting process? It is RupeeCircle; your preferred lending partner which has introduced BizzCasH’s Invoice Discounting of up to 1 Lakh for retailers and wholesalers.

RupeeCircle discounting product was introduced with a vision to help retailers grow their business. It is designed to provide retailers with funds on the recommendation of distributors. Small businesses are given access to funds of up to 1 Lakh INR. This funding starts from a short period of 7 days and extends up to 90 days, delivered to retailers in a quick, efficient, hassle-free manner.

Taking care of the working capital needs of the retailers, the Invoice Discounting Product caters to them by reducing the gap between the potential earnings and actual earnings of the small retailers. This model also protects the retailers from opting for loans from other lending platforms that offer loans at a high rate of interest.

With the PAN India presence of the services of RupeeCircle, we aim to act as a backbone for small retailers with our Invoice funding product to help them reach new levels and also be their preferred lending partners. It helps businesses with cash inflows through hassle-free loans for ease of business.

How does it work?

As a retailer, you get into an agreement with BizzCasH to start the invoice discounting for distributors’ processes. Further, a loan is issued on a minimal interest rate and invoice discounting processing fees, which is done in coordination with and recommendation of distributors. This in turn helps you manage cash flow by using the funds for your business’s unpaid invoices.

Whether it’s the independent contractors or the FMCG business, if you are a retailer or a wholesaler, all can benefit from BizzCasH’s invoice funding.

We are just a click away. Install the BizzCasH Application to take your business to new heights without worrying about funds. is the new age P2P finance company that offers an online platform to connect borrowers with lenders looking for better returns.

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