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Money is the one commodity that eludes most of us. And although it would be incredible if all our expenses are funded by the money we have, the reality is far from it. There are several cases where we have to avail the services of a financial institute and get a personal loan. P2P lending company RupeeCircle offers personal loans to individuals to help meet their various requirements. The loans can be taken to fulfil several exigent personal needs. Below are some of the needs for which a borrower can approach RupeeCircle for a personal loan.

Loan Types Available At RupeeCircle

  1. Loans for Debt Consolidation: – This is a type of loan that lets the borrower club all their existing loans and repay at a convenient tenure. The problems of taking 2-3 loans at the same time is that these needs to be repaid at different times at different interest rates. Not only does this result in excess outflow of income as EMI but it can also prove to be hectic and confusing. A debt consolidation loan can be availed from RupeeCircle at a low interest rate to consolidate and pay off other loans in a borrower’s kitty.
  2. Loans for vacation: – Many people hold off their vacation dreams owing to lack of finances. The personal loan from RupeeCircle can be used to fund a dream vacation and the loan can be repaid at attractive interest rates at a comfortable pace.
  3. Loans for medical emergency: – Medical emergency is an unexpected event in life that can burn a hole in anyone’s pockets. In such scenario a borrower needs easy and quick access to loans. RupeeCircle offers hassle-free medical loans to treat any medical condition.
  4. Auto loans: – Cars and bikes have become a status symbol nowadays and people are reluctant to wait for the opportune moment to buy a dream vehicle. Nowadays as soon as a new model in launched people rush to buy it. However finance can be a deterrent for such people. P2P lending companies offer auto loans at attractive interest rates with quick disbursal.
  5. Loans for small business: – Financing for a business is tough and many business owners find it hard to procure a bank loan for the same. RupeeCircle offers small business owners and enterprises quick business finance at nominal interest rates.
  6. Education loans: – Putting off studies for the want of money is a crime, however it is a reality for many people due to lack of credit accessibility. Affordable education loans can now be availed from P2P lending companies at interest rates lesser than traditional banks.
  7. Loans for home improvement: – People may renovate their homes for some special occasion or due to some unforeseen damage. Home renovation in either circumstance cannot be delayed. However exorbitant interest rates levied by banks can be a dampener. P2P loans are the best option for home renovation.
  8. Loans for life events: – Life events such as weddings and anniversaries are really important and people leave no stone unturned for making it a gala. RupeeCircle offers life events loans that are customized to meet borrower requirements.

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