How can investors manage their RupeeCircle escrow account?

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Investments accompany volatility and risk factors that require advanced technical knowledge and constant monitoring on the investor’s part to earn profits. However, the introduction of peer-to-peer lending and borrowing platforms have transformed the way investors look at building their wealth. RupeeCircle, one such technologically backed platform, has reshaped the investment market by allowing investors to lend money to potential borrowers with minimal risks. The investors are provided with a monthly interest paid by the borrower as EMI over their principal amount, constituting systematic and guaranteed profits.

The invested amount is kept in an escrow account to enable a transparent lending process. The account is designed like a savings account in a way that allows investors the flexibility to operate and handle it with utmost safety. It is from the investor’s escrow account that the invested amount is lent to potential borrowers based on the investor’s lending profile.

How can investors manage their RupeeCircle escrow account?

The operations of the escrow account are completely managed by the investor and it works as a medium to choose how the investor wants the money to be invested or withdrawn. As the EMI paid by the borrowers is credited to the escrow account, there are three investment strategies through which RupeeCircle investors can increase their profits:

  • Total Withdrawal: This is when the investor withdraws the principal amount along with the interest as soon as it gets credited to the escrow account. The amount is transferred to a savings account which fulfills the motive of not allowing the credited amount to sit idly in the escrow account but undermines the very goal of investing. Limiting the compounding effect, it also reduces the profit potential as the investors have to restart the investment process.
  • Partial Withdrawal: A better option than total withdrawal, partial withdrawal is when the investor claims the monthly interest from the escrow account while keeping the principal amount for re-investment. Although this method also limits the compounding effect, it does not hinder the investment process and, as a result, increases the profit potential.
  • Auto-investment: Developed by RupeeCircle’s investment experts, the auto-investment feature is opted by most investors as it massively compounds the interest along with the principal amount. The feature lets the investors reinvest the principal and the interest amount as soon as it gets credited to the escrow account. Giving way to immense diversification, it ensures that the investors can invest the compounded amount with a higher interest rate, and increase profits by a huge margin.

The escrow account provides investors with the highest level of transparency, safety and a way to channel their investments to ensure a financially stable future. The auto investment feature, used by most RupeeCircle investors was specially designed to boost the return on investments. By restricting the interest and the principal amount to sit ideally in the escrow account, the investors can diversify and earn unlimited yet systematic profit through their investments. You can visit RupeeCircle to register as an investor and enter a world of higher profits, free from market-linked volatility.

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