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How to leverage technology for your P2P investments?

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The path of investment in India has always been perceived as one filled with investing challenges and potential losses. Without a reliable framework to predict the positive or the negative aspects of investments, the path, majorly based on human intellect, has kept people away from investing. It is now that the introduction of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, and more that have revolutionized people’s approach towards investing.

Options such as Peer-to-peer investments are helping investors mitigate the risk of losses by leveraging the latest technology against human errors. At the pinnacle of P2P investments, stands a unique investment platform: RupeeCircle.

How RupeeCircle can help an investor leverage technology for P2P investment?

RupeeCircle is an innovative, state-of-the-art, peer-to-peer platform where people can invest their money which is later loaned to potential borrowers. The investors’ bank accounts are credited monthly with the EMI deposited by the borrowers. This user-friendly and straightforward P2P platform provides 36% average return by offering:

  • No human errors: To err is human, but to mitigate them is the way to success. RupeeCircle uses advanced algorithms backed by data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to perform credit analysis of a borrower and eradicate human errors.

A proprietary risk assessment is performed to offer investors the option to select borrowers from varying risk grades, loan tenures, and interest rates. RupeeCircle’s algorithm leverages 5000+ data points like credit history, financial stability, repayment capability, and behavioural patterns for accurate profiling to the investors. 

  • Auto-Investment: RupeeCircle’s risk assessment algorithms were developed and are tuned regularly to mitigate the risk of losses through the creative diversification of funds.

For example, an investor can diversify their funds by choosing multiple borrowers with their own house, specific salary amount or gender. Through this technologically-backed diversification, investors can define their preferences with the auto-investment feature and their funds get deployed automatically when relevant loan requirements are listed on the marketplace.

  • Convenience: Adding to the technological transformation that has changed the way processes run today, RupeeCircle’s innovative algorithms is an added benefit that helps an investor to save time and attain peace of mind. Unlike other investment options where investors have to constantly monitor or analyze the investments and risk respectively, RupeeCircle provides flexibility and convenience to the investors. With monthly interest getting deposited in the investors’ account, they don’t have to monitor or analyze their investments with a fear of losses.

P2P Investments have provided a way for people looking to increase their wealth over time to do so with minimal risk. RupeeCircle allows an investor to leverage its inventive features and technologies to increase profits and mitigate risks. The highest level of transparency for investors is achieved through the ‘Auto-Invest’ feature based on their risk grade and profile of the borrowers. Investors are provided with higher and safer returns as P2P investments are not subject to market volatility and avoid human errors. Through the technologically backed P2P platforms, investors can expand their portfolio with ease and achieve their financial goals for a secure future.

Vaibhav handles performance marketing at RupeeCircle.com. In his free time, chances are that he's planning his next vacation or playing poker online.

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