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P2P Lending: An easy, online investment option for Women

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When we think about savings and investments, it’s the usual accepted ideas that come our way. The most common way is to open a Fixed Deposit account or Savings account and patiently wait for returns.

When it comes to women, they have mostly been passive thinkers about investing. In fact, they have usually been dependent on someone else to manage their investments, if any.

However, players in the investment industry are now witnessing a change with new opportunities coming up with the rise of fintech. More and more women are taking charge of their financial decisions and moving beyond the usual investment routes and looking at new investment options like P2P lending and more. Rupee Circle, a P2P lending platform has one in every three registered lenders woman.

Peer-to-peer lending (P2P) has many virtues, but perhaps one of its greatest attractions is that it is fundamentally simple and straightforward. Some of the key features of P2P lending are:

  1. Easy to Start, Easy to Manage             

One of the key highlights about P2P lending is that everything can be done online. From registering oneself as a lender, submitting KYC documents such as aadhar card, selecting the borrowers and loans you want to fund to receiving your monthly repayment, the whole process of lending can be done via an online marketplace on your computer or smartphone. The entire process can be activated within few minutes. Thus, for women, who are just beginning to learn how to grow their money, P2P lending is a great option and they can monitor their investments on the go.

  1. High Returns

If your money is just sitting there in your bank account, it will earn you 4-6% a year. However, with P2P lending one can receive up to 36% p.a. annual returns and the players in the industry maintain transparent portfolio performance.

  1. Safe and Protected

With P2P lending investors get to select from multiple grade risks, loan tenures and interest rates which are determined by proprietary assessment algorithm which includes 1000+ digital footprints of the customer which thus, helps in accurate decisioning to give a loan or not. Thus, investors get to invest at your own terms.

  1. Low Capital

Since you are just starting to grow your money, you might be low on capital, P2P lending is a great place to start growing your money, you can start investing as low as Rs.5,000.

  1. Social Impact

Women like a life of indulgence, but they also care a great deal about creating change and making an impact. That’s why an opportunity that lets you grow your money while creating social impact is the one that should tick your boxes. Through P2P lending you can be a part of causes and help people during medical emergency.

With P2P lending returns are stable as well as noticeably higher than savings. It isn’t a question of gender per se, but the other appealing element of going down this road is that it is incredibly simple and user-friendly, and certainly doesn’t require the same level of input and maintenance that most stocks and shares do. Thus, it is hopefully a good gateway for more women to get into investing.

This article is authored by Nikhil Prabhakar, Head of Marketing & Products at RupeeCircle. He is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad & ESCP Paris and has 10+ years of work experience across multiple industries like Fintech, IT & Energy. He is an active investor across equity, derivatives, debt and real estate.

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