[Video] Understanding Peer To Peer Investment Marketplace

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“What scares you the most?” We recently ran a poll on Twitter asking investors about their worst nightmare when it came to investing money in any avenue – new or old – traditional or contemporary (such as Peer To Peer Investment). The few who participated in the polls gave myriad responses on investment. One of the reasons cited was apprehension to use or try new systems.

Traversing through a new website (app) is a hassle (albeit a small one) even to the most tech savvy. It’s only after we get the look and feel of a system are we comfortable using it. And when it comes to investment platform the ease of accessibility is one of the main concern of investors.

Investment already is a tricky subject, especially for beginners. And having to browse through a messy app or website will only make matters worse. Perusing through the RupeeCircle marketplace once or twice will make it easier for the investor to get used to the site. For an investor’s convenience we have made a short video highlighting the investor journey through a peer to peer investment site (RupeeCircle).

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