What are the parameters available for RupeeCircle Investors to set preference for Auto Investment?

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India is witnessing a technological shift from traditional to innovative technologies that have transformed almost every industry by making them effective and customer-centric. The same applies to the Indian financial market as they are providing investors with distinctive ways to invest. At the peak of such technological advancements is RupeeCircle, an innovative digital peer-to-peer platform. 

RupeeCircle provides retail investors with a unique way to increase their return on investments while helping the underbanked individuals with the lack of a credit score to avail of low-interest loans. RupeeCircle’s technologically-backed platform utilizes inventive algorithms to provide numerous investing features that go beyond the stock market. One such revolutionary feature available for RupeeCircle investors is the Auto-Investment. 

The Auto-Investment feature allows investors to define their borrower preferences based on a range of ingenious parameters. The funds invested by the RupeeCircle investors get deployed automatically when relevant loan requirements are listed on the platform.

The Key Parameters for the Auto-Investment feature:

RupeeCircle Investors can set borrower preferences through the following parameters: 

  • Loan Purpose: Investors are given options to filter borrowers based on the primary purpose of the loan such as Travel, Debt Consolidation, Purchase, Medical Bill, Buy Vehicle, Small Business Loan, Home Improvement, Life Events, Education Loan and others. The investors can select borrowers by choosing single or multiple purposes. 
  • Risk Grade: Investors can filter borrowers based on their risk grade allocated by RupeeCircle through its innovative underwriting algorithm. Investors can choose a risk grade between A to F, with A being the strongest credit profile and F being the weakest. 
  • Interest rate: RupeeCircle provides its investors with the option to set borrower preference based on the desired interest rate. An investor can choose the interest rate he/she would want on the auto-invested amount by selecting an interest rate between 12%-42%. 
  • Loan Tenure: Investors can select the loan tenure for the borrower who wishes to acquire a loan through the platform. By choosing a tenure between 3-36 months, they can ensure that their invested amount will be automatically loaned only to the borrowers looking to avail of a loan for the selected time period.
  • Employment type: Investors can select borrowers based on their employment status. They can choose single or multiple options among Salaried, Self-employed, Retired and others. Only those borrowers who fulfil the employment criteria set by an investor are given loans from the invested amount. 
  • Housing Type: RupeeCircle’s Auto Investment feature allows investors to have their invested amount given as loans to borrowers based on their house ownership status. The investors can set preference by choosing single or multiple options between Rental, Parental, Owned or Company-provided. 
  • Monthly Income: Investors can set their preferred borrowers depending on their monthly income. Investors can set a borrower preference by setting a monthly salary amount anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 10,00,000. 





The Auto-investment feature by the RupeeCircle platform has proven to be an asset for many investors. With a unique and transparent way to re-invest their profits, investors can continue their journey of creating wealth and achieve their long-term financial goals.

This article is authored by Nikhil Prabhakar, Head of Marketing & Products at RupeeCircle. He is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad & ESCP Paris and has 10+ years of work experience across multiple industries like Fintech, IT & Energy. He is an active investor across equity, derivatives, debt and real estate.

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